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Modern Legal Industry Standards

SALI is a not-for-profit organization comprised of legal industry professionals from legal operations, law firms and solution providers with the goal of developing open, practical industry standards for efficient and innovative legal services.

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Standards for Today

Standards for Today

The legal industry is moving towards standardizing terminology to simplify and improve the delivery of legal services by providing greater transparency and increasing the effectiveness of budgeting and resourcing.

Enabling Stronger Relationships

Enabling Stronger Relationships

Standards create the foundation of relationships by enabling a common language and structure for the industry to provide a consistent service model. It opens the door to an improved definition of quality and creates a common communication platform for operation.

To Produce a Better Outcome

To Produce a Better Outcome

Providing a common language for the industry serves as the catalyst for better outcomes and value. Having an improved lexicon for service invites many possible innovations and improvements for the industry, accelerating the pace of positive change.

SALI – Not Just Another Standard

SALI’s goals are to successfully impact legal standards for the benefit of industry and the efficient and effective delivery of legal services.

Standards are important but are meaningless without critical mass adoption.  The SALI members seek to advance standards that improve and accelerate many of the key issues that the industry faces today.  But importantly we also are comprised of a diverse set of legal industry stakeholders that will enable the adoption of these standards throughout the service lifecycle.

The industry needs an agile standard that will be put into practice by its participants.

Do you want to learn more about our standards or how you can be part of this innovative project to advance our industry’s state of the art taxonomies for legal industry success?

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