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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is involved?

  • SALI promotes an inclusive industry neutral standard with leading buyers of legal services, major law firms, important industry groups, industry thought leaders, cutting-edge technology providers and associations
  • Founding sponsors: LMA, ALA

What is In It for Me?

  • You have a voice in defining the legal services market for the coming years
  • There are a number of industry innovations coming including the acceleration of fixed fees, LPM, heightened service standards and every major industry player should want to be part of it
  • This provides a forum for not only shaping the standards but also establishing relationships among the service lifecycle participants (voice of the client and networking vehicle)

My Firm/Organization Likes to do Things Our Own Way.

  • The standard is designed to be extensible and flexible to meet the unique needs of any organization while providing a common industry framework for interoperability
  • The unique inherent qualities of the SALI standard will enable your organization to not only utilize your own innovations but allow you to migrate to a modern standard at your own pace

What are My Obligations if I join as a member?

  • There are no hard requirements but we are hopeful of creating a collaborative environment seeking contributions to producing these kinds of things:
    • SALI standard development, providing comment and feedback
    • Production of content like white papers
    • Industry support and communications
    • Endorsing and participating
    • Speaking on behalf of the standard
    • Industry marketing
    • Recruiting
    • Standard adoption and promoting its use

Aren’t There Other Organizations Doing This like LEDES, ABA, CLOC? How is SALI Different?

  • To enhance the market by providing greater transparency and efficiency in the delivery of legal services
  • To provide an industry-wide neutral body to advance all causes and create a frictionless marketplace for legal services
  • Believe our approach is distinctive in its design for immediate use and suitability to firms, clients and providers
  • Our intent is to drive industry innovation and creativity
  • Provides an IP framework that protects the IP of participants and will preserve the IP of the standards developed

Who Owns the Standard?

  • SALI advances an industry open process for legal standards promulgation – the industry owns the standards
  • SALI was created to ensure all stakeholders in the industry have a voice to shape the most useful and relevant standards that will foster transparency
  • The standard is party-neutral and designed to be an open market for shaping the industry

How Can I be Assured That the Industry Will Adopt SALI?

  • While there can be no guarantees, the diverse cross-section of member participants, the neutral standard, and its readiness to be deployed in practice will serve as a springboard for more rapid adoption
  • Implementable standard – Designed to be Used
  • SALI standard is built with industry use as its primary purpose and is designed with its architecture and membership to enable that goal
  • Unlike paper-based standards, SALI is digital and is embodied in a self-documenting RESTful API for data exchange and interoperability
  • Software providers are specifically part of the process to incorporate in the legal digital sphere

How Do I Participate?

  • Become a member
  • Membership categories: board member, client, law firm, provider, supporter, government/academic

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