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Codes: Canadian SALI Areas of Law        
Draft Canada categories V 1.0
Date: 12-18-20
Level 1 Level 2 and 3 Description IN PROGRESS        
Banking Law   Law that governs how banks and other financial institutions conduct business.        
  Banking Operations Law governing routine banking operations including bank capital requirements, risk management, etc.        
  Bank Secrecy and Anti-Money Laundering Law regulating financial institutions relating to money laundering.        
Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring   Laws relating to insolvent individuals and companies.        
  Corporate Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring Law relating to insolvency of corporations.        
  Personal bankruptcy Law relating to debt relief for individuals.        
Constitutional and Human Rights   Rights that protect individuals' freedom from infringement by governments, social organizations, and private individuals.        
  Discrimination Protection from discrimination on grounds such as race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, color, age, political affiliation, ethnicity, religion, and disability.        
  Individual Individual rights such as privacy and the freedom of thought, speech, religion, press, assembly, and movement.        
  Political Political rights include natural justice (procedural fairness) in law, such as the rights of the accused, including the right to a fair trial; due process; the right to seek redress or a legal remedy; and rights of participation in civil society and politics such as freedom of association, the right to assemble, the right to petition, the right of self-defense, and the right to vote.        
Corporate Law   Law that governs the formation and operation of corporations.        
  Business Organizations Law governing the creation and operation of businesses.        
  Corporate Governance Mechanisms, processes, and relations by which corporations are controlled and operated.        
  Mergers and Acquisitions Law dealing with companies that are purchasing and/or merging with other companies.        
  Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Venture Capital          
Commercial Law   Law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales.        
  Franchise Law TBD        
  Commercial Transactions Law related to business contracts and agreements.        
Competition and Trade Law            
  Admiralty and Maritime Law Law that governs nautical issues and private maritime disputes.        
  Antitrust and Competition Law surrounding business competition.        
  Consumer Protection TBD        
  Trade Law TBD        
Criminal Law   Law concerned with the punishment of individuals who commit crimes.        
  Anti-Corruption Law addressing bribery of public officials.        
  Asset Forfeiture Asset forfeiture or asset seizure is a form of confiscation of assets by the state.        
  Business and Financial Crimes Fraud, embezzlement, ponzi, etc. False Claims Act.        
  Cybercrime Crimes committed using a computer or directed at computers, data, or other information technology - piracy, hacking, etc.        
  Organized Crime Law related to curtailing organized crime.        
Education Law   The body of law that covers teachers, schools, school districts, school boards, and the students they teach.        
Energy Law   Law concerned with creating, enforcing and challenging laws that regulate energy use.        
  Nuclear Law regulating nuclear power and nuclear materials.        
  Oil and Gas Law pertaining to the acquisition and ownership rights in oil and gas both under the soil before discovery and after its capture, and adjudication regarding those rights.        
  Renewable Energy Laws pertaining to renewable energy.        
  Hydroelectric Energy Law Laws pertaining to hydroelectric power.        
  Solar Energy Law Laws pertaining to solar power.        
  Wind Power Law Law pertaining to wind power.        
  Sales and Transmission Law involving all aspects of the economic regulation of energy utilities including electric utilities, power generation and electric transmission, distribution of electricity, natural gas, crude and petroleum, and coal.        
Environmental and Natural Resource Law   Law addressing environmental pollution and natural resource management.        
  Air Quality Law governing the emission of air pollutants into the atmosphere.        
  Contaminant Cleanup Law governing the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, sediment, surface water, or groundwater.        
  Chemical Safety Law governing the use of chemicals in human activities, particularly man-made chemicals in modern industrial applications.        
  Impact Assessment Assessment of the environmental consequences (positive and negative) of a plan, policy, program, or actual projects prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action.        
  Forest Resources Laws governing activities in designated forest lands, most commonly with respect to forest management and timber harvesting.        
  Fish and Game Laws regulating the right to pursue and take or kill certain kinds of fish and wild animal (game).        
  Mineral Resources Laws covering the ownership of the mineral resource and who can work them.        
  Water Quality Law governing the release of pollutants into water resources.        
  Water Resources and Wetlands Laws governing the ownership and use of water resources, including surface water and groundwater, oceans and seas.        
  Wildlife and Plants Laws governing the potential impact of human activity on wild animals or plants, whether directly on individuals or populations, or indirectly via habitat degradation.        
  Waste Management Law governing the transport, treatment, storage, and disposal of all manner of waste, including municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, and nuclear waste.        
Finance and Lending   Law supporting the function of providing loans or other financing to businesses or individuals.        
  Commercial Finance Law supporting the function of providing loans or other financing to businesses.        
  Lender Liability Law which holds lender liable for a borrower's financial losses that are directly or indirectly related to the lender's actions.        
Food and Drug Law   Laws regulating food, drugs, and cosmetics.        
Gaming Law   Law, rules, and regulations that apply to the gaming or gambling industry.        
Health Law   Law, rules, regulations and other jurisprudence among providers, payers and vendors to the health care industry and its patients; and (2) delivery of health care services; all with an emphasis on operations, regulatory and transactional legal issues.        
Information, Privacy and Data Security Law   Law regulating the protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access        
  Cybersecurity Law and rules related to the protection of information and information systems.        
  Government Access and Disclosure Law relating to the access and disclosure of information by a government.        
  Privacy Laws regulating the storing, and using of personally identifiable information of individuals.        
Insurance Law   Law surrounding insurance, including insurance policies and claims.        
  Accident Benefits Law TBD        
  Disability Insurance Law TBD        
Intellectual Property And Technology   Law protecting the legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works.        
  Copyright Law Laws intended to encourage the creation of art and culture by rewarding authors and artists with a set of exclusive rights.        
  Patent Law Law is designed to encourage inventors to disclose their new technology to the world by offering the incentive of a limited-time monopoly on the technology.        
  Trademark and Trade Dress Law Law protecting a business' commercial identity or brand by or product design discouraging other businesses from adopting a name, logo or design that is "confusingly similar" to an existing trademark or design.        
  Trade Secret Law Law relating to trade secrets.        
Labour and Employment Law   Law relating to the relationship between trade individuals, unions, employers and the government.        
  Human Rights Law relating to protected class employment discrimination including retaliation and harassment        
  Occupational Health and Safety Law governing the health and safety of employees.        
  Employment Immigration National statutes, and regulations governing employment-based immigration into and deportation from a country.        
  Labour Law Law relating to the relationship between trade unions, employers and the government.        
  Pension and Benefits Law Law relating to retirement and welfare benefit plans, with particular emphasis on benefits arrangements.        
  Unemployment Insurance Unemployment benefits refer to those benefits given by the government to unemployed persons.        
  Emploment Standards Law that governs the wages rates an employer can pay its employees, the hours for which an employer must compensate its employees, child labor laws and meal and break laws.        
  Workplace Safety and Insurance Law addressing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment.        
  Termination Law encompassing rules by which an employer may terminate an employee.        
  Employment Contracts TBD        
  Employment Law TBD        
  Indepenent Contractors TBD        
  Pay Equity TBD        
Municipal Law   TBD        
Personal and Family Law   Law that deals with family matters and domestic relations.        
  Adoption, Surrogacy and Paternity Laws relating to adoption, surrogacy and paternity.        
  Custody Law TBD        
  Immigration Law National statutes, and regulations governing immigration into and deportation from a country including issues of naturalization and citizenship.        
  Juvenile Law Juvenile law and child protective proceedings.        
  Matrimonial Laws relating to marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships.        
  Probate TBD        
  Trusts and Estate Planning TBD        
Public and Administrative Law   Law which governs relationships between individuals and the government, and the activities of administrative agencies of government including rule making, adjudication, or the enforcement of a specific regulatory agenda.        
  Election Law Legal procedures and regulations governing elections.        
  Government Contracts Laws relating to contracts in which the government is a party.        
  Indigenous People's Law Legal procedures and regulations that are specific to indigenous peoples' rights.        
  Military and Veterans Law Legal procedures and regulations specific to the military and veterans rights.        
  Public Finance Law including legislation and regulations relating to the financial activities of government or public sector organizations.        
  Public Policy and Government Affairs Rules surrounding lobbying and political advocacy.        
  Project Finance Law Legal procedures and regulations specific to the development, equity and non-recourse debt financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of major industrial and infrastructure projects.        
  Public Health and Welfare Law relating to the authority of the government at various jurisdictional levels to improve the health of the general population within societal limits and norms.        
Real Property Law   Law that governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property.        
  Condominium Law TBD        
  Construction and Development Law dealing with matters relating to building construction, engineering, and related fields.        
  Expropriation Law regulating the taking of private land for public use.        
  Landlord & Tenant Law Law that details the rights and duties of landlords and tenants        
  Land Use and Zoning Law Law regulating the subdivision, use, and restriction of land.        
  Property Rights Law relating to the acquisition and transfer of real property.        
Securities and Financial Instruments Law   Law covering transactions and other dealings with securities including both federal- and state-level regulation by purely governmental regulatory agencies, listing requirements of exchanges, and rules of self-regulatory organizations.        
  Broker-Dealer Law surrounding individuals engaged in effecting transactions in securities for others or for their own account.        
  Commodities Law governing commodities and futures trading activities.        
  Derivatives and Futures Law governing derivatives.        
  Exchanges Rules regarding market places or facilities for bringing together purchasers and sellers of securities.        
  Investment Advisor Rules regarding investment adviser duties and responsibilities.        
  Investment Companies Regulations on companies that engage primarily in investing, reinvesting, and trading in securities, and whose own securities are offered to the investing public.        
  Security Offerings and Capital Markets Corporate debt and equity issuance (public and private) and markets.        
  Structured Finance Law surrounding securitization and asset-backed securities.        
Tax and Revenue Law   Law which deals with the constitutional, common-law, statutory, tax treaty, and regulatory rules that constitute the law applicable to taxation.        
  Estates, Gifts, and Trusts Laws regulating estate or personal planning and administration.        
  Non-Profit and Exempt Organizations Laws that govern non-profit and charitable organizations operations and management.        
  Tax Federal, State, and Local tax laws.        
Telecommunications Law   Laws regulating telecommunications and broadcasting.        
  Telecommunication Utilites Laws regulating telecommunications and broadcasting utilities.        
Personal Injury and Torts   Law which allows an injured person to obtain compensation from the person who caused the injury.        
  Assault Law relating to inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person or a threat or attempt to commit such an action.        
  Defamation The action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel.        
  Fraud and Economic Torts The wrong done by another person or business that occurs in, or affects, commerce.        
  Negligence Failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person or professional, in the case of professional negligence, would exercise in like circumstances and the harm caused by those actions.        
  Malpractice TBD        
  Product Liability Law relating to liability for injuries caused by defective or unsafe products.        
Transportation Law   Law involving transportation infrastructure and all forms of road, railway, water and air transport.        
  Aviation Law Law that concerns flight, air travel, and associated legal and business concerns.        
  Motor Vehicle Law Law covering all the aspects of registering and titling motor vehicles, and licensing drivers.        
  Railway Law Law that concerns railways and associated legal and business concerns.        

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