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Membership Committee Update

2 Aug 2018 8:55 AM | SALI Alliance (Administrator)

At the LMA P3 Conference in May, I had the pleasure of participating in the closing session titled “Whose Fault Is It?”  In a nutshell, the session pitted law firms against clients in a debate on who is to blame for the lack of true change in the legal industry.  In addition to being a lot of fun, the session made me realize that one of the biggest issues facing professionals on both sides is the lack of opportunity to drive change.  It is true that, as business professionals in the world of law, we have limited power to unilaterally force change.  

We need buy-in from our general counsels, managing partners and other key industry leaders. There are definitely roadblocks that stand in the way of true progress on some of the loftier goals we talk about at events like P3 (I’m looking at you law firm compensation model!).  We can have the best ideas in the world, but they really don’t do any good if they never get put into motion.  All too often, we leave our conferences, put those great radical ideas on the shelf once we get back to the office, and dust them off come conference season the following year.
This is one of the reasons the SALI initiative is so exciting for me.  It is an opportunity to drive true change in the legal industry that will be felt for years to come.  Everyone recognizes the problem of complaints about the lack of good data to drive some of the changes that have been talked about for decades.  The ability to better collect and leverage data will not only have near term benefits for the industry but will enable us to do more than just think about those higher level goals in the areas of service delivery, pricing, etc..
The SALI Alliance has already recruited many thought leaders from across the service delivery lifecycle (clients / firms / vendors / academia) that have been talking and writing about change for years.  YOU have the opportunity to help drive this change.  This is your opportunity to take action and shape how things will look in the future rather than being forced to conform to systems and models defined by others.  I encourage you to seize this opportunity to be recognized as an innovator in the industry and look forward to working with you.

Contact: Justin Ergler at justin.r.ergler@gsk.com

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