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About SALI

What is SALI Alliance?

The Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (SALI) Alliance is an independent not-for-profit, member organization that was formally established on May 15, 2017 with a goal of increased industry standardization for more efficient and innovative legal services. The SALI Alliance includes a wide range of stakeholders including law firms, clients, service providers and legal industry associations.

Rationale for Legal Standards

Industry standards have been around a very long time. Their purpose is to enable a more effective and efficient market for a product or service. Standards come about when industry participants recognize that a there is no real competitive advantage to having  custom and unique specifications, instead realizing that the lack of a standard hinders the market, limiting innovation and creativity. Standards have value for all participants in the market, from raw material companies, to manufacturers, to supply chains, and especially the ultimate consumers. The costs of consumer products would be dramatically higher absent multitudes of standards. A legal matter standard will help in the sourcing of legal services.

Positioning Statement

SALI’s initial standard involves developing a modern common language, unique for the legal industry, to define the services lawyers provide.  We are doing this by offering an open standard to describe and categorize legal work that is neutral to law firms and clients alike, extensible to meet the specific needs of each organization, while fitting into a common industry framework, digital and accessible through programming APIs, and designed to support the evolving industry innovation needs around legal service delivery, transparency, and free market pricing.

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